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Porosil Insulation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of finest quality ex-foliated vermiculite. With over 40 years of extensive experience and expertise, the company is involved in the designing, supplying and turnkey job execution in the field of insulation, acoustics and fire proofing of structural steel.

Porosil’s unique qualification is built upon an extraordinary track record of innovation and technical expertise. Through our extensive knowledge of engineering, manufacturing, system design and installation, POROSIL has continued to be an industry leading force in ex-foliated vermiculite.

The efficiency of Porosil Insulation has been demonstrated in a wide range of project areas including, residential, commercial, industrial floors, facades, swimming pools and renovation works. Porosil’s long record of successful installations and unequalled product quality assures the highest level of performances on the field.

Mission Statement

  • To maintain its market leadership in India in insulation products and its reputation for consistent quality and customer service.
  • To become a leading participant in the growing market for vermiculite products.
  • To support business objectives with high technical standards with respect to production processes, safety, health, environment and information technology.
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Water Proofing
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