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Microseal is a complete waterproofing solution. It is cement based, single component, flexible, waterproof coating for concrete and masonry surfaces applied by brush, roll, spray equipment or trowel.

  • It is single component hence does not require mixing of different components at site.
  • Easy to be mixed with water and easy to apply.
  • No risk of mixing errors on job-site.
  • Flexible with crack over bridging capacity.
  • Waterproof even under high hydrostatic pressure.
  • Used for outdoor as well as indoor applications.
  • Very good adhesion and cohesion even on organic substrates and even after long-term or permanent water immersion.
  • Sufficient water vapour permeability (no blistering).
  • Can be applied even on wet mineral surfaces.
  • Low costs for production, logistics and application.
  • Basement walls
  • Water proofing of balconies & terraces
  • Water proofing of sloping roofs & chajjas
  • Plastered masonry and external walls
  • Overhead and underground water tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Tunnels, canals, dams etc.
Surface preparation
  • Ensure that there is no oil, grease or fungus left on the surface before one starts application
  • Clean the surface before application
  • Remove all excess water before one starts water proofing application
Procedure for mixing
  • Take a bucket, add some quantity of water in the vessel than add required amount of MICROSEAL
  • Water should be mixed in the ratio of 30-35% of the weight of MICROSEAL powder
  • Mix both of them thoroughly
  • MICROSEAL can be applied manually by brush on the surface
  • It can be applied by spray machines and mechanical stirrer for bigger jobs
  • After completing first coat allow atleast 2hrs before application of 2nd coat and 2nd coat must be applied perpendicularly to the first coat

8 - 10 Sq.ft. per kg for two coats depending upon the surface.

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