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It is a single component and ready to use product, only water is to be added. It is used for fixation of tile on the existing tile without removing the old tiles, can be applied on both walls and floors. It has excellent adhesion properties especially for porcelain and glass tiles.

  • Shock and water resistant
  • Needs no curing
  • No need to break floors
  • Fast application of adhesive mortar and fast fixing of the tiles
  • Very easy to apply that one can apply himself
  • High flexibility which allows fixing of large dimension tiles
  • Fixation of each type of tile on all substrates is possible
  • Very good anti-slip properties
  • Very fast setting and quick surength development
  • Can be used for both: wall & Floors
  • long open time and very high shear bond strength
  • It has anti-sagging properties i.e no need of distance splinters
  • Betterwetting capability
  • Thickness: 3-5 mm.
  • It is non-shrinkable and waterproof
  • Suitable for thick and thin bed application (3mm- 12mm)
  • Excellent adhesion Properties
  • One must use the newly laid floor ater 24hrs since it has been laid
  • Used for commercial purposes
  • Used for residential purposes
  • Used for both interior and exterior applications
  • Fabulous for underwater applications
  • Excellent for facades
  • It is used for all ceramic tile, vitrified tile and stone installations
  • Vertical cladding
Used in
  • Swimming pools
  • Office rooms, washrooms
  • Kitchens, cafes, restaurants
  • Grouting
MICROBOND can be used for other purposes also
  • For concrete masonry
  • For cement mortar beds & cement terrazzo
  • Concrete block
  • Plastic laminate
  • Gypsum wallboard & gypsum plaster
  • Properly prepared vinyl tile
  • Exterior glue/ grade plywood
  • Ceramic tile & stone
  • Cement plaster
  • Brick masonry
Colour White, Grey
Mesh size Below 30 mesh
Bulk density Approx. 1400-1500 kg/cubic meter
Drying time hours 24 hrs
Coverage/kg 4 sqft for 3mm thick layer
Open time Approx. 2 hrs. At 30 degree centigrade
Trafficable time 24 hrs (max)
Shelf life 12 months
Note: Addition of water approx 230ml in1kg
Passive Fire Protection
Water Proofing
Tiles Adhesive
Soil Enrichment